Theft surveillance This domain focuses on the surveillance of department stores. Trained detectives observe sales areas and track pilferers among the customers.
Security counselling Everyone is able to sell something, but it all depends on the correct advice. Our response are solutions matching to your personal demands.
Physical protection Be it during the day, in the night or around the clock, we protect your property. Industrial property including office buildings, warehouses, grounds comprising objects of great value, but also private buildings are exposed to our protective hand.
Camera surveillance Hidden or evident? Video surveillance for commercial purposes should be adopted in case strong suspicion exists that property is pilfered wantonly and purposely. Owing to the newest technology on the market you will be able to keep an eye on your belongings also in transit.
Observations Target-oriented and hidden observation of individuals or objects, which serves the acquisition of evidence and awareness.
Domestic investigation Are you searching for a specific person, whose residence or abode is unknown to you? We will find her/ him.
Investigation abroad Our offer of services goes far beyond national borders. Hence we conduct our investigations also on a worldwide basis if needed.
Personal security You feel threatened or prosecuted by a third party? In this situation we will find the right solution, too.
Observation Next to conventional observation by means of detectives or camera systems, we increasingly apply latest computerized observation techniques.
Business crime

Nearly every second company in Germany and also worldwide is a victim of a business crime. We investigate for you with respect to fraud, concealment, corruption or betrayal of confidence.